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    The Palacio Belmonte is a former residence of a noble family dating back to 1449, the hotel has sitting rooms like no other: More than 3,800 blue-and-white Portuguese tiles from the 1700’s cover the walls, complemented by dreamy fado music.

    I felt as if we had the entire palace to ourselves, as though we were breathing in living history of those walls.

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    Palacio Belmonte perched on the Castle’s walls at the top of the hill facing the river was a place too enchanting to be missed for our own house, but 380 doors and windows to open every day decided it otherwise.

    And Lisbon needed hotels!… So for two years the vernacular sculpture ,Palacio Belmonte, was studied to achieve a new difficult goal.
    Frederic an ecologist – since the time very few knew the meaning of the word – used his usual methods, the elderly were called, the old documents were studied, technology worked on lost formulas and soon they knew the materials used in 1420 when the three towers became a house and in 1640 when the house became a Palace.

    Step by step a new project took shape to give birth to only 9 suites in 3.700 sq meters so the interior beauty – tiles and volumes – would not be damaged and the reconstruction started following the principles of sustainability and the rules in the Chart of Venice.

    Because aesthetic were of most importance, walls, floors or anything that didn’t please the eye, was done and redone until perfection, ours! ( Struggling with the worker’s skills and taste.

    – How can you tell a specialist that, what he sees as perfect, we don’t like?…
    After 6 years of works Palacio Belmonte came back to life splendorous in a new design, full of details, light and new colours.
    For us artists, its nudity couldn’t miss an exhibit before its last goal.

    And how perfect the modern huge paintings of Rui Goncalves fitted the huge old walls!
    In this way the new Belmonte was introduced to the city.

    Ever since people haven’t stopped talking about it.
    It was now time to bring inside the pieces we had fallen for, one by one they found their place in the sculpture.
    But besides art we are fan of wellbeing, so health is in with the concept.
    Instead of elevators we gave you little stairs in all directions where you exercise without noticing it.

    Natural ventilation replaced air conditioning and the ambiance is perfect all through the year.

    Whatever we touch is natural, whatever we eat is organic and simply good, you feel heaven in bed, the walls breath, you breath and the reason you feel so well!

    Palacio Belmonte is a quiet place where you listen to the birds in the garden and no one will disturb you, a place to enjoy a relaxing herbal bath or being shaved the old way, to smoke a good cigar or have a massage with a view in your own terrace, to try the difference and be happy!
    And where you are welcome to join us in the kitchen, but also have a Michelin exquisite dinner on a terrace or enjoy the friendly Cultural Club Café where you can share your piano skills.

    Palacio Belmonte is not a hotel, there is no formal reception, no crowds, no televisions, no chocolates on the pillow, only beauty and simplicity.
    You will be given the keys to your Palace in Lisbon and the staff is entirely at your service with a simple call.
    We find three types of people: those who see, those who don’t see and those who want to be seen.
    If you belong to the first group you will love Palacio Belmonte, if to the second Belmonte might open your eyes, but if you belong to the third you will feel much happier at the Ritz!

    Belmonte is a wonderful experience!


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