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    One of the best day trips outside of Istanbul is to the historic town of Edirne in the Thrace Region.

    It is along the border of Greece and Bulgaria.

    1) The Selimiye Mosque (Turkish: Selimiye Camii)
    2) The Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum (Turkish: Sultan II Bayezid Külliyesi Sağlık Müzesi)
    3) Liver (ciğer)

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    Everybody visits Istanbul when they come to Turkey but only a few people ever make it to Edirne.

    Which makes it a great destination for the real travelers.

    It is the perfect day trip from Istanbul as it is about a 3 hour drive.

    So here are 3 Reasons to Visit Edirne

    #1 Selimiye Mosque

    This is not just another mosque, it is considered to be one of the highest achievements of Islamic Architecture.

    Built between 1569-1575 by Mimar Sinan, one of the most famous Ottoman architects and is often compared to Michelangelo.

    Made from cut stone and marble and encompassed by a massive dome over 100 feet in diameter.

    Beside all this it is simply stunning and one can spend an hour or two just admiring all detail.

    #2 Sultan Bayesid the second Health Museum

    Built in 1488 this facility was used as a hospital and school for over 4 centuries.

    Here you can walk around and get a glimpse of the history of medicine in the Ottoman empire.

    All in all it is a pretty cool complex just to walk around.

    #3 liver

    Edirne is famous for their fried cow liver…it is a delicacy here.

    It is covered in flour and dropped into some hot oil.

    I’m not a huge fan of organ meat but I have to admit I think it is pretty tasty.

    So don’t be a wuss and miss out on this.

    so if you are coming to Istanbul, and want to see the real Turkey.

    Take a quick day trip to Edirne.

    If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below.

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