48 Hours in Venice 02:47

48 Hours in Venice

From where to eat, what to see and the best day trips to take, if you're headed to Venice for the first time then this is your guide!

For the complete guide to Veni

A Whirlwind Euro Trip from Italy to France 04:18

A Whirlwind Euro Trip from Italy to France

A video montage of travel writer, Nikki Vargas, and her boyfriend, NYC comedian Jeff Cerulli, on their whirlwind European trip from Rome to Venice to Amsterdam to Paris.

Palacio Belmonte Hotel - Lisbon 00:49

Palacio Belmonte Hotel - Lisbon

The Palacio Belmonte is a former residence of a noble family dating back to 1449, the hotel has sitting rooms like no other: More than 3,800 blue-and-white Portuguese til


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