In Green Spain 01:53

In Green Spain

Top 5 Things to do in Durban 02:40
Lombok from Above - Droned 01:39

Lombok from Above - Droned

Dear Hotel Madrid 00:46

Dear Hotel Madrid

Valverde Hotel - Lisbon 00:50

Valverde Hotel - Lisbon

Palacio Belmonte Hotel - Lisbon 00:49
Hotel Amira Istanbul 01:03

Hotel Amira Istanbul

Must See Murcia 01:21

Must See Murcia

Hotel Amira Istanbul 01:31

Hotel Amira Istanbul

Holiday Ideas

Top 5 Roller Coasters Of 2017 01:23
Just back from    New Orleans 02:21
Just back from Orkney 02:46

Just back from Orkney

Places To See

Happy Birthday Marko! 18:16

Happy Birthday Marko!

What is Wales? 11:49

What is Wales?

Perfect Day in Cardiff Wales 12:55
Reading Your Fan Mail ???????? 14:07

Travel Bloggers

Video Diary: Mammoth, CA 00:52

Video Diary: Mammoth, CA

Your Adventure Starts Here 01:01

Your Adventure Starts Here

A Guide to Miami's Little Havana 01:20
Teaser: Mexico City Eats 00:34

Teaser: Mexico City Eats

The Pin the Map Project 03:10

The Pin the Map Project

A Girl Who Travels 01:39

A Girl Who Travels

A Taste of Rome 02:08

A Taste of Rome

The Cats of the Roman Ruins 02:44
48 Hours in Venice 02:47

48 Hours in Venice

New York Helicopter Ride 01:28

New York Helicopter Ride